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Curtis Reeves speaks out after being acquitted of murdering Chad Oulson in 2014

In an interview with "Good Morning America," Reeves describes the moments leading up to the deadly movie theater shooting.

DADE CITY, Fla. — After being acquitted of murdering Chad Oulson, retired Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves shared his story with "Good Morning America."

During the interview, Reeves was asked if he would have done anything differently in that Wesley Chapel movie theater in 2014. 

"Went to another show," Reeves told ABC. 

Reeves says during the altercation, he felt Oulson strike him in the face, but he's unsure if it was with an object or Oulson's hand. During the trial, Reeves described being fearful of his life. He has never denied killing Oulson but has always said he acted in self-defense. 

When asked if he should have left his gun at home, Reeves replied, "Had I left my gun at home, there's a good chance I wouldn't be here today." 

After nine days of witness testimony, including experts and those inside the theater, the jury concluded that Reeves was not guilty of second-degree murder and aggravated battery. 

However, Oulson's wife, Nicole, tells ABC the jury got it wrong. 

"For eight long years, I had to wait and try and fight for justice. Even though the jury got it wrong, I will not just accept this result lying down. Chad may be gone but he will never be forgotten and I will use my voice to try and make sure no one has to experience what myself and my family had to go through," Oulson told ABC in a statement. 

ABC reports the Reeves family has not been in contact with the Oulsons. However, Reeves' wife, Vivian, has a message for Nicole. 

"I have prayed for the Oulson family, and she's a young woman. I sincerely hope she finds someone else to share her life and to be a good father to her child. I hope she gets on with her life and she's happy," Vivian said. 

Curtis Reeves' attorney Richard Escobar said the Reeves family is ready to move on and travel a little after spending eight years on house arrest.

"It was that much sweeter to have this victory knowing that everyone else thought we were going to lose and knowing Mr. Reeves had this incredible faith in our system of justice," said Escobar.

In 2014, Reeves and his wife went to a Wesley Chapel movie theater to see "Lone Survivor." During the movie previews, Reeves became upset with Oulson, who was sitting in front of him, for using his phone. Reeves said the light from the phone was "shining in his face." 

After Oulson wouldn't turn off his phone, Reeves went to the manager to complain. Once he returned to the theater, the two men got into an altercation where Oulson threw popcorn at Reeves, and Reeves shot him in the chest in response.

Oulson died from his injuries. His wife, Nicole, was also injured in the shooting, nearly having her left ring finger shot off. She says she still lives with the pain from the injury today. 

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